Air Updates and Managing Your Compliance – Brookfield Location Available

Join FET for the Air Updates and Managing Your Compliance seminar to be held January 23rd in Brookfield. Topics include Air Emissions Inventory, who has to report and why; Air Reporting System (ARS), how to prepare for reporting, keeping records, calculating emissions vs letting ARS calculate; ARS updates on changes to emission factors/SCC, what to enter and how to get into system; Air Permit updates including new policies impact on permits – federal/state and PM2.5 strategy; New ROP Option; Compliance certifications/Electronic Documents/Electronic signature, including a list of air reports required, which can/must be submitted electronic and explain what to submit; Preparing an Air Compliance Plan; Managing your compliance reporting year-round, including air, waste, water, EPA, WEM; Changes to Tier 2 reporting, haz waste e-manifest changes impacting generators, deadlines and best practices; plus State and Federal Regulatory Updates.