Jobs Available

Are You Looking For EHS Interns? During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, UW-Whitewater has decided to hold the 2020 Fall Career and Internship Fair Virtually. If you are interested in this event, registration information is still available here:

OR if you just want to post your open jobs or internship opportunities for UW-Whitewater Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health students and graduates, please sign up for Handshake and post your opportunities for free at Handshake is where we send students to look for opportunities. This is the best place for students to see you! For questions or additional information about the fair or posting on Handshake, please contact Kim Apel at or 262-472-1472.

We appreciate your continued partnership with us and look forward to navigating the “new” waters we are in to match you with our students. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about the internship requirements or if you would like a copy of our historical wage and salary charts.

You may also contact Bob Evangelisti at UW Whitewater ( or 262-472-5423) if you have any questions.


If you’d like to place your ad here, contact FET at 262-437-1700, or

Updated 12/05/2020