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Looking for Environmental Project Sponsors for UW Whitewater Students

UW – Whitewater is looking for organizations to be Environmental Project Sponsors for students who will be enrolled in Safety 420: Principles of Environmental Management. It is an undergraduate course taught in Fall and Spring semesters to approximately 35 juniors and/or seniors. Most students are studying Occupational Safety, Environmental Science, Business, Geography, etc.  One of the prime reasons we are looking for Project Sponsors for UW Whitewater Students is to meet the desire to provide more hands-on environmental educational experience for the students.

The instructor would work with project sponsor and students before, during and after the project is completed to ensure objectives were defined, understood and met. Students would meet with the project sponsor (and the instructor) at his/her site following a mutually agreed schedule consistent with class requirements. The Instructor would work with the project sponsor to develop the objectives/rubric, whether they were met, grading, etc.

We hope to start project sponsorships in September 2017. Since this is a pilot program, there may be some undefined and/or unanticipated issues (which we will address as they arise). Project sponsors may be able to identify possible candidates for potential future internships.

If you are interested in being a project sponsor or would like to learn more, please contact Bob Evangelisti at UW Whitewater at or 262-472-5423.


If you’d like to place your ad here, contact FET at 262-437-1700, or

Updated 1/09/2018