EPA to Extend Deadline for 2015 Ozone NAAQS Area Designations

EPA is extending the deadline for promulgating initial area designations, by one year, for the 2015 ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).  EPA is giving states more time to develop air quality plans and EPA is looking at providing greater flexibility to states as they develop their plans.

Additionally, EPA is taking time to better understand some lingering, complicated issues so that air attainment decisions can be based on the latest and greatest information.  This additional time will also provide the agency time to review the 2015 ozone NAAQS, prior to taking this initial implementation step.

Although the new ozone standard was set on October 1, 2015, there remains a host of complex issues that could undermine associated compliance efforts by states and localities.  EPA is evaluating these issues, primarily focused on:

  • Fully understanding the role of background ozone levels;
  • Appropriately accounting for international transport,
  • And, timely consideration of exceptional events demonstrations.

Visit ozone designations page:  https://www.epa.gov/ozone-designations