President’s Message – February 2011

“Opportunities… and Challenges”

The news coverage I have been seeing indicates that our economy continues to make a slow recovery, although unemployment rates remain unacceptably high.  In a relative sense, I think we can be thankful that the impacts we have seen have not been as traumatic on environmental professionals. And, I believe that the wide variety of career opportunities in our field bodes well for future job growth.

The various environmental media that require management and protection – air, surface water, sediment, soil, ground water – present a wide range of educational choices for people pursuing careers in our field.  Here are just a few options: Hydrogeology, Ecological Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical, Environmental and Civil Engineering, Biology, Environmental Law, Atmospheric Sciences, including Meteorology (my favorite!)

These opportunities translate into career paths in academia, government, consulting, industry and the legal field. However, opportunities invariably are also accompanied by challenges. At the personal level, we need to grow professionally in our chosen fields to keep up with technological advances and regulatory developments and advance in our careers.

 FET is blessed with a strong membership. We are a vibrant organization approaching our 30th anniversary. However, we are also challenged to remain attractive to our members, to serve your educational needs through our varied offerings.

 We offer a wide range of programs that are publicized in EnviroNotes and on our web site. The feedback we receive through periodic membership surveys and conference / seminar evaluation forms indicates that we are delivering a quality product, but that there is always room for improvement.

FET is up to the challenge! However, we need your ongoing support and active involvement to continue our mission and pursuit of excellence.


Mark P. Steinberg, CEA, REM, CHMM, QEP    262-260-6827