President’s Message – June 2011

“How the Time Flies!”

It is hard to believe the year has passed so swiftly, but the calendar tells me so, despite our reluctant spring. Although I have been an FET member since the 1980’s, serving as your president has deepened my appreciation for what a fine organization we have.

I owe thanks to many of you who have contributed to our efforts during the past year. Thanks to Barbara, Julie and Bob Heitzer for their guidance. They do a great job of coordinating our events and handling day-to-day business operations.  The leadership and dedication of our volunteers – Board members, chapter officers, committee chairs and members – have also been instrumental in producing another successful year that I will highlight below.

The State of FET

As we stand on the threshold of our 30th year, FET is a strong and vibrant organization. We are fiscally sound. Over the last year, patron company membership grew from 60 to 70, and total membership ranks increased from 534 to 559.

Over the past 11 months, we sponsored 16 seminars and workshops and 17 chapter meetings and facility tours. Our annual conference registration statistics – 531 full conference attendees and 135 professional development course attendees – represented increases of 17% and 22%, respectively, relative to 2009.  Exhibition hall space sold out, with 51 exhibitors registered.

Thanks to the 39 participants (a new record!), last summer’s annual golf outing netted $2200 in proceeds for our scholarship fund. A total of $4700 in environmental scholarships was awarded to four students at our annual conference in October.

We also made good progress on implementing our strategic plan. Our outreach program to university and college students is underway, with presentations made or scheduled for four classes on three campuses. Nineteen people registered for our first webinar, on DNR’s vapor intrusion guidance. Evaluation scores averaged 3.22/ 4 and 3.55/ 4 for program rating and subject matter usefulness, respectively. Our efforts to encourage new leader participation were also successful, with 5 out of 10 Chapter officer positions for the coming fiscal year being filled by members new to FET leadership.

We will continue to flourish under the leadership of Dave Seitz, who will be succeeding me as your president in July.

Parting Thoughts

The world is constantly changing, with the growth in knowledge and information fueled by research and technological advances. While we are fortunate enough to be professionally educated, continuing education is our best weapon against obsolescence. To remain your provider of choice, FET will strive to ensure it delivers on its goal of educating and developing excellence in environmental professionals.  I am confident that with your support and active participation we will be up to the challenge!