Professional Development Courses

Choose from five Professional Development Courses (PDC) designed to help you meet specific regulation requirements.  

Environmental, Health & Safety Primer: 2018 EHS Primer PDC

This course will provide a general understanding and update of environmental regulations and management. Major regulatory areas will be covered.  It is recommended for individuals new to the environmental field, especially those with regulatory responsibilities.  It also serves as a good refresher and overview. We will review regulatory requirements, permits, record-keeping, reporting, common violations and training.

Air Basics: 2018 Air Basics PDC

This course is intended for new and less experienced staff responsible for air pollution regulatory compliance by providing information on state and federal regulations, permits and exemptions, records, reporting and monitoring, and specific reminders on the RICE rule.  Come find out what you might be missing in your compliance practices! 

Safety Issues: Has been canceled.

Industrial Wastewater: 2018 Industrial Wastewater PDC

This course is designed to familiarize operators and supervisors with the fundamentals of system operation, techniques utilized, and a working knowledge of industrial wastewater treatment systems; and to broaden knowledge and provide DNR wastewater treatment operator continuing education hours.

EPCRA Half Day: 2018 EPCRA Half Day PDC

This course covers current EPCRA applicability and reporting requirements, including chemical lists, applicability thresholds, required reporting, deadlines, available reporting tools, and mandatory documentation. Practical applications of the requirements are provided.