Professional Development Courses

Choose from full and half day Professional Development Courses (PDC) designed to help you meet specific regulation requirements.  

Environmental, Health & Safety Primer – Full Day
2017 EHS Primer PDC

This course will provide a general understanding and update of environmental regulations and management. Major regulatory areas will be covered.  It is recommended for individuals new to the environmental field, especially those with regulatory responsibilities.  It also serves as a good refresher and overview. We will review regulatory requirements, permits, record-keeping, reporting, common violations and training.


DOT HazMat Training and Certification – Full Day
2017 DOT Training PDC

This course, along with on-site job specific training, will meet the DOT Hazardous Materials Training certification requirements.  Topics include Training Requirements & Enforcement, Identifying Hazmat & Hazard Classification, Shipping Papers, Including Hazardous Waste Manifest, Labeling, Marking & Placarding, Security Planning & Risk Assessment and more.


Air Basics – Half Day
2017 Air Basics PDC

This course is intended for new and less experienced air pollution control practitioners by providing information on air regulations, records, reporting and monitoring, along with filings and exemptions.


Workplace Safety – Full Day
2017 Workplace Safety PDC

This course will provide a general update of a selected set of safety topics that have seen recent changes or updates.  It is recommended for individuals new to the EHS field, to those in the environmental field that now may also be responsible for safety, and for those in the EHS field who are interested in a refresher of safety topics.


Wastewater Treatment and Compliance – Full Day
2017 Wastewater Treatment PDC

The purpose of this course is to review the current permitting process, provide an update to treatment and present a summary of DNRs new Energy Reporting Requirements.