The FET Air Committee is hosting two Air Issues and Tier II Reporting Seminars in January 2018

The seminars will be held on January 25th in Pewaukee and January 30th in Kimberly.

Topics include best practices and the process of applying for changes on permit applications; DNR guidance on redline/strikeout draft permit submittals, including  reminders of what not to do, and warnings about certain changes; Air Reporting System – DNR updates, including new process, video training, reminders; how to prepare and submit your air emissions report; compliance certifications/electronic documents submittal updates; DNR air permit streamlining rule; DNR updates including NAAQS changes, NO2 policy, Appendix W, form changes and contacts; Boiler NESHAP and RICE NESHAP; and state & federal regulatory updates.  Plus, Tier II Reporting will be discussed.  A full agenda can be found here Air Issues and Tier II Reporting Agenda