The “Sand Rush” is On!

Join FET for the Environmental Compliance at Industrial Sand Mines and Processing Facilities seminar on March 20, 2013 in Eau Claire, WI.

Along with the rise of sand mining in West Central Wisconsin comes the need for operators of sand processing facilities and sand mines to be in compliance and to stay in compliance with a number of environmental regulations. The Western Wisconsin chapter of FET is excited to host the upcoming seminar “Environmental Compliance at Industrial Sand Mines and Processing Facilities.” The seminar will bring together regulators, consultants and representatives from the sand industry for a day of educational and networking opportunities. Networking is a great way to learn about challenges facing other mines and processing facilities, and to discuss solutions to those challenges.

Those attending the seminar will learn about air and water permit compliance requirements and will likely pick up tips on how to better manage compliance activities. Attendees will be updated on the ambient air monitoring that is being conducted at several sand mines and processing plants in the area, and will hear about methods for modifying air permits at mines and processing plants. An attorney with Spangler, Nodolf, Bruder & Klinkhammer, LLC will discuss the implications of Wisconsin’s Mining Bill as well as legal issues related to sand mining and processing in the State.

–Kevin Accola, Western WI Chapter President